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Butcher Lab officially launched our products in 2014 -

Our founder was starting from the very beginning by his own hands---- style design, prototype production, paper pattern making, leather dyeing, production control; from promotion to sales marketing. We hope that you will like our products.

We mainly focus on the basics of life, apart from leather, we tried to use different materials in production to fulfil every single needs and tiny purposes in daily life.



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The name pret a border is inspired by prêt-à-Porter in French, meaning "ready to waer"

From a long time ago, when clothes were only tailor-made, some companies introduced clothing with different sizes, their principle is to facilitate the public and try to meet the different needs of customers. And these garments in France is called prêt -à-Porter, and it saves customers lots of their time.

And now, we have introduced this "ready to sew" collection, the idea of pret a border is to introduce the pleasure of handmade leather goods to the everybody


Class Detail


Butcher Lab Leather Class launched in early 2010, we aimed to share knowledge of leather craft with the students, and students can exchange opinions and teach each other. We would like to build up friendly learning atmosphere, and we hope you can make some friends here too.

Trial Class

Suitable for those who are interested in leather making, but not yet find the right door. You can taste the leather making experience from this class and finish your first leather product.

Beginning Class

The participants will experience a variety of leather goods knowledge and techniques through our default leather craft projects in this class, and to the next step, you can start to work on your own designs.

Self-design class

Students with different needs and wanted to make a specific product, you can join this class and our designer will help you complete your design and your unique work in mind.