Our History

Butcher Lab was founded by Designer Mo Mo in 2006. Mo Mo then launched his first leather bags collection Morrow Morrow.

In 2010, he started different levels of leather classes, and hope to share Butcher Lab’s experience, lifestyle and philosophy with more people through teaching.

Mo Mo’s teaching experience inspired him to launched another collection in 2012 name pret a broder - a collection of sewing kits with a big variety of different everyday products. This collection has attracted more customers, and helps them understand the beauty and significance of handmade products.

In 2014, Mo Mo officially renamed the brand as Butcher Lab Living Grocery. The brand started to focus on making life more facilitating, and is using more different materials to achieve this goal. 



Our Philosophy

Buy, only when you need

Clear up your mind before you make your decision to pay

We design lifestyle goods in every tiny aspect

If you can't find what you need, why don't you try to make it with your hands?

Every object comes to an end, try your best to give it a new life



Our Vision

Our vision of long term development, we hope to produce and publish various products, in order to satisfy our customers every single need in their daily life.

Apart from product design and retail, we would like to establish section of handicraft which further achieve our company's philosophy. However, we can help our customers to invent and modify the living groceries which they dreamed. Our customers can live compatibly with their lifestyle and act out their ideal though this division of our business.

Besides, we also hope to give back to community. As everything comes to an end, therefore we would like to organize some recycle, repair and reuse programs in our long-term development plan. We hope to implement our company's contribution though our sustainable waste reduction programs.


Our Location